Who am I?

Who am I? & what is adamatures.com?

Call me Adam…

Don’t leave just yet, that’s not all, there could be millions of Adams worldwide

I’m a freelance writer/blogger & content creator (as well as private tutor)

I write short stories that you might like to read here, leave a like if you like (^_*).

check out the blog as well (a mix of things are there).

The website is voiced as well, meaning that you can listen to the stories & blog posts.

adamatures is kind of a life mission. on it, I’ll pursue my goals & have fun while doing so.

Best of all, It’s all FREE, so why not stick around.

Here’s where to find/contact me:

Are you wondering about the story behind the name adamatures?

A lot went into picking the name, first factor was that literally nothing else worked.

But in all seriousness, It was hard to find THE name, I wanted a name suitable for the project in my mind…

Something that would mean growing in this huge world…

A name related to a known story, and what better story than the story of humankind origins (Adam & Eve).

To mature and understand the digital world, to benefit from it, and to leave the best personal mark on it.

And adamatures.com was created, add it to the favorites bar in your browser


I hope you like what you find on my website & blog, but more importantly I hope you enjoy & benefit from it.

I’ll see you around.

God bless the digital world

A guy with black hair wearing a green hoodie
Hi there, call me Adam

P.S. Here’s a little avatar I created to help you think of me