The Great Emu War of 1932

Cartoon image of the Australian army standing against the emu birds on a green field with a river (emu war of 1932)

Have you heard the story of the great emu war of 1932 in Australia?


This story happened after World War I, in Australia. The Australian government gave war veterans lands in Western Australia so that they can farm it.

Keeping in mind the Great depression of 1929, these veterans and later farmers were encouraged by the government to increase the production of wheat crops.

But these said farmers encountered an enemy called Emu.

What is an Emu?

The Emu is a flightless bird that has long and strong legs (kind of similar to an ostrich), it’s also known as the tallest native bird in Australia.

It can be differentiated by its blue neck.

(shout out to
Doug Brown for the great picture)

How the war began

The farmers in the western lands of Australia reported a huge amount of emus ravaging the crops, the amount was estimated to be 20,000 emus.

Sir George Pearce (the minister of defense at the time) agreed to the farmers’ requests and provided support.

The emu war of 1932

There were two attempts to fight off the emus during 1932.

The first efforts against the emus were on the second of November failed mainly due to range and inability to control the movements of the birds.

So the war didn’t end and was called unsuccessful, the Australians didn’t give up, and a second round was called for.

The second attempt was important because the emu continued to ravage the farmers’ crops, and they requested help yet again.

Outcome of the war

After all the preparations and planning…

Support provided by the Australian government…

Efforts of the veterans/farmers…

After the two attempts against the emus were concluded…

The war ended with the victory of the emus!

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