The boy who regretted leaving his bedroom

A teenager with a headset on, sitting in his bedroom on a sofa while playing video games

Have you heard the story of the boy who regretted leaving his bedroom.

It was 10 A.M. on a Tuesday when Liam was aiming for some heads on his game of COD warzone while talking to his buddy Walden.

They were chit-chatting (arguing) about which one of them had it worse than the other.

Walden: my baby brother puked all over my bed yesterday.

Liam: That’s nothing.

Walden: No one told me and when I went to sleep I laid on top of it.

Liam: WOW, fine, OK… that puts you in the competition.

Walden: Thank you, it would be awesome if the prize is a new mattress, what is going on in your house?

Liam: first tell me, did I show you my Iron man helmet signed by Robert Downey Jr.?

Walden: yeah, I love it… I honestly envy you for having it.

Liam: well, you don’t have to anymore, my idiot little brother Charles broke it last Friday.


Liam: he took it with him to the skating ground because my mom told him to take a helmet with him.

Walden: I get why you called him an idiot.

Liam: exactly, and when he wore it he couldn’t see a thing and ran into a light pole.

Walden started to laugh and the boys lost their battle royal game.

Then started pointing fingers and assigning blame.

Liam tells Walden he wants to play one more time, but first, he has to go for 2 minutes.

Liam: brbn2. (Be right back in 2 minutes)

Liam walks out of his room to check………..!?!?!?

He completely forgot and mumbles “what was I worried about & why did I leave my room”.

The sound of his mother’s phone ringing got his attention & interrupted his thoughts.

It was coming from the living room, so he went to check it out.

Liam goes to the living room

Liam standing in the living room looking at a phone ringing

Liam (mumbling): Hmm, unknown number, that’s weird.

He ran with the phone to his parents’ bedroom & woke up his mother.

Liam (quietly): someone is calling you.

His mom’s face had a combination of shock & anger.

She took the phone while giving him some weird looks.

Liam left his mom talking on the phone and went back to his room.

Liam put’s his headset on: I’m back.

Walden: what took you so long?

Liam: My mother’s phone was ringing so I took it to her.

Walden: It seems the “idiot” chromosome runs in the family DNA

Liam: What!?

Walden quickly says: good luck buddy, bye

Walden goes offline and leaves Liam stunned.

5 minutes later, Liam’s mother yells “LIAM”.

Liam’s mom pushes the door and starts shouting at Liam.

Turns out the caller was the school’s principal informing Liam’s mom that her son didn’t come to school.

Only then did Liam finally remember what he wanted to check on when he left his room.

But it was too late at that moment

Fast forward a week, there’s a rumor going on in Liam’s school that he was grounded for the whole year.

It was finally agreed upon by Walden and everyone who heard the story that Liam had it the worst of all and that he is an idiot.

From that incident forward Liam decided to never leave his room if he doesn’t remember why or if he had no reason.

Now Liam has a nickname which is “the boy who regretted leaving his bedroom”

The moral of the story

Don’t skip school, but if you do, then don’t leave your room if you’re not sure why you’re doing so.

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