I wrote my first short short story

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I wrote my first short short story!

I did it! I’ve been thinking about it a lot and my mom was pushing me to write one for years

It felt weird to write an original story. 

A “short short story” is a story with 1000 words or less, another name would be a “flash fiction”

A story I titled “the boy who regretted leaving his bedroom” you can read it or listen to it (coming soon) right here.

I’ve watched a lot of movies, TV shows, and anime that kept me from writing my own stuff thinking I’ve seen it all.

It seemed as if I ever decided to write then I would be stealing.

(at least that was the dumb excuse I stood by whenever my mother brought up the topic and pressured me into it).

But today proved to me that there is always something to write about and that the fountain of new ideas is never dry.

I wrote my first short short story… what’s next?

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