Have you heard the story

You haven’t! It’s not too late, I’ll tell you

Click on the story portal and you will be transported into a magical place called “web page”, sounds intriguing, doesn’t it!

Animated characters blogging on their laptops, typing stories and posts. read, like, subscribe, and share 'the blog'
An animated character podcasting to his audiance 'sound on' & 'listen to this', a father telling his daughter a story at camp
people viewing and liking images and videos on their phones, iPads, and laptops
Animated characters wondering 'what is adamatures?'. A mysterious face surrounded by question marks saying 'Who am I?'

Here’s a bit more

A guy with black hair wearing a green hoodie


I just wanted to put a face behind all the stories…

Wondering where else you can find me?

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Find all kinds of stories and reviews of stories from movies, TV show, games and other sources. You can also check the original section for original stories.


The blog is like “behind the scenes”, the backstage if you will, it’s all the drama that goes on when a story is in the work, you’ll find random thoughts.

most of what you’ll find will start with “have you heard the story”, but will surely end differently.